Reupholster.IT – Foot Stool

This morning I woke up to a dreary cloud-covered rainy sky.  What better to do than something indoors.  I have a foot stool which has seen better days.  It has brown feet, so it was time to ““.

My son plays Warhammer 40,000 and had some brown snakeskin vinyl left over.  I decided to use this to reupholster the foot stool.  I also added some foam that I had lying around that I was able to fit to increase the cushioning.

A few days, I had removed the old vinyl and removed the numerous nails that had been used to upholster it originally.  The stool had been hand made – probably by my father many years ago.  I will use a staple gun to fasten the new vinyl.  The usual way is to staple one end of the stool first, with a few staples, then stretch the other end over and do the same.  Then the sides are done similarly.  Once the new vinyl is in place, it was time to trim the vinyl to an appropriate size.  Then fold the corners and staple in place, then to finish the vinyl, add additional staples – which help to spread the load and reduce the chance of the vinyl tearing at a staple.


Finally, to re-attach the feet.  The photo shows the end result, together with the original vinyl.  Looks like new, now and now the feet are matching colours.

[NOTE] It doesn’t take very long to do, and we have also reupholstered a number of dining table chairs when the fabric starts to wear.  Some simple tools like a staple gun, utility knife, scissors, pliers are really all that is needed.  One of the chairs that I had reupholstered a few years ago, had cracks in the plywood base, so I had to make a new base and needed to use a drill to make the keyhole – but that is another story.