Bio: An electrical engineer who has worked for many years in the IT industry as a consultant and troubleshooter. Enjoys astronomy, badminton, electronics and pretty much anything that I put my mind to.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Paul says:

    Thanks for your blog, I almost had to replace my Panasonic hdd recorder DMR EH67, but after replacing the capacitor (only 2 $) it works fine again. Thanks again.


  2. nicol says:

    HI John
    I am trying to fix my Exthree stringing machine. I am at the stage where I think i=I need to replace the power supply. Anyway you can steer me in the right direction?



    • Nicol, it will depend on whether the power pack is external or internal. External is the easiest to replace since the output voltage and current should be marked on the power adapter. You would just need to get an equivalent power adapter and with the same plug that goes into the stringing machine. You just need to ensure that the pin is the correct polarity – and is usually the positive voltage. In worst case, getting a power adapter – can swap your existing cable to it. Internal power supplies can be quite complex and can be difficult to replace, unless it is one of the fairly standard modular versions that have clearly marked output voltages. Internal power supplies can usually be repaired without too much trouble by electronic repair shops. I am in the process of replacing a power supply that uses a transformer with non-standard windings, so have to be creative to get it to work with different transformers.


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