Raise.IT – Bios upgrade for Asrock 970 Extreme4

This morning, I was having a look at drivers for my Asrock 970 Extreme4 motherboard that is running Windows 10. I noticed that there was a Bios upgrade available – which would raise my Bios level from 2.60 to 2.80 – ok, great. I downloaded the Windows version, then ran the upgrade – first my Trend Micro antivirus stopped the upgrade and removed the file since it thought it was a strange file. So I had to disable my Trend Micro, then extract the file again and ran it.

It ran and upgraded the Bios after a few steps without any user intervention – actually, the mouse was frozen and no prompts came up – only when it finished, did I get the prompt to reboot the computer, which I clicked on.

Next thing that happened, the display went a bit funny, like a squashed screen with two images one above the other, then Windows comes up with an error РInaccessible Boot Device.  Uh oh Рanyway, Windows started to do a repair and eventually failed and asked me to Restart, since Restart could fix it, or go to Advanced Options. I clicked Restart, then starting tapping the Del key to get into the Bios settings.

Once I was in the Bios, I went into the Storage configuration, and sure enough – the Sata mode was set to IDE mode, instead of AHCI – that would cause the dreaded Inaccessible Boot Device error! Anyway, I set it and checked a few other things then exited with Save Settings.

Voila! My computer was back again – whew!