Repair.IT or not – Dell U2412Mb 24″ Led Monitor

This Dell Ultrasharp U2412Mb 24″ Led backlight Monitor came in yesterday. SONY DSC It has a cracked screen so it is not economical to repair as the Lcd panel would need to be replaced. I have seen a few 24″ Dell monitors recently and I thought it would be an opportune time to create my first video for the web. In order to keep the file size down, I would need to convert it to a smaller resolution. So here goes…

I took the video from my Sony Nex-5 camera at VGA resolution which is 640×480. When I downloaded the video to my computer, my Pinnacle Studio 10 movie editor would not handle the MP4 file because it needed a H.264 codec which did not come with my old version of Pinnacle Studio. In order to work on it, I used the Sony Picture Motion Browser to convert to wmv at 320×240 resolution. Then I accessed the converted file in Pinnacle Studio in order to edit it. The result is a 15.3MB file. Ok – so I say “ok” a lot, that is not a good habit, so I will need to brush up on my on-screen¬†technique, however it is a good attempt without having a written script. I decided to do this video because of the internet. The internet is fantastic for finding information on how to do this and that. The downside is that much of the information can be misleading, i.e. the blind leading the blind. Even the manufacturers service manuals can give an incorrect procedure. I found out when opening another monitor and determined that the manual was wrong and I needed to pry on a different part – which I eventually did, but the damage was already done. That screen though had a panel problem – a green vertical line was always lit on the screen. Ok, again – the Dell 24″ monitors like this one, the 2407WFPb, the 2408WFP – will all open the same way, using fingers to seperate the bezel, then turn it over on a soft cushion, remove the four screens¬†screws and voila! the back comes off. Nice and easy – a couple of minutes work, and importantly – without damaging the plastics. It isn’t nice to repair a monitor for a customer and they get it back with scratches all around the bezel. This technique also works for some laptops where the bezel is not held on by screws. The Fujitsu Lifebook with the 12″ screen in particular is like this, but just be careful when putting the bezel back in. Getting back to the Dell U2412Mb – the panel itself is cracked. It is quite a new monitor with manufacture date January 2014. The panel is a LG LM240WU8 (SL)(D1) – it isn’t available on eBay but can be found on Alibaba, Aliexpress and on Dhgate. The prices appear to range from around $80 to $150, so I won’t actually repair this monitor. The power supply and controller board, bezel and switch panel, monitor back would still be useful if another one of these monitors come in for repair. Alternatively, the parts can be sold off on eBay.