Repair.IT – Panasonic DMR-E77 DVD Recorder update.

An update on this DVD Recorder repair. The electrolytic capacitor that I had ordered was ready for me so I went for a pleasant drive to Chester Hill to collect it and a few other items that I had ordered at the same time.

Once I got back, I removed the power supply from the unit and then desoldered my temporary capacitor. When I had installed my capacitor, I had deliberately left the leads cut a bit longer so that I could reuse it again. I inserted the new capacitor, soldered it in place, and cut the leads this time to the appropriate length. Next, reinstalled the power supply, connect up the cables, then put it on my testing bench, and powered on.



After a short time of displaying PLEASE, WAIT alternately, I get the clock displayed, with the correct time and not blinking, since it had been set earlier today.


Press the power button, and it shows channel 72 as being selected and sure enough the television that is connected through the HDMI interface is showing that TV channel.


The repair of this DVD Recorder is now complete, and it just needs to be left connected and turned on from time to time, until Saturday when I take it back to be collected.

Another successful and uneventful “Repair.IT“.

4 thoughts on “Repair.IT – Panasonic DMR-E77 DVD Recorder update.

  1. Stephen Allen says:

    Hi John
    Great post and overview of the repair. I have the same unit, with the same symptoms. Could I get you to repair mine, this unit is still very good and you can’t find units today with all the formatting options this one offers.


    • Stephen,

      Hi. I think you should be able to find a local electronics repairer that can do the job for you. I am located in Sydney, Australia – so it might be a bit far for the DVD Recorder to come here.


  2. Laurie Reynolds says:

    I have a Panasonic DMR-EX77 DVD Recorder it has been unplugged for 4 years it worked last time i needed it now it will Not power up at all dead as a do do


    • Laurie, it is possible that the power supply has failed – there is usually a large high voltage capacitor in the power supply which can fail after a long period of time, but since I don’t have this unit here, I cannot advise further. I don’t remember if there is a fuse either, but if it exists, then it might also have failed.


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