Repair.IT – Asus Nexus 7 slow battery charging problem – possibly fixed!

Previously, I had examined an Asus Nexus 7 tablet to investigate the slow and intermittent battery charging problem.  Many users on the internet have complained on numerous forums about this problem.  There were a number of reported resolutions, one being to update the firmware, others to replace the charger, replace the charging cable and replace the tablet. I had tested the battery which appeared to charge reasonably well, using my special charger. Then this Nexus 7 was left for a while, during which time it sat on the backburner – which is a list of non-urgent jobs.

Anyway, a month ago, I came back to this Nexus 7 after finding some further information that suggested that replacing the “USB Charging Connector Flex Cable” had in some cases fixed this slow charging problem. I checked the price of these on eBay, as we do, and found that I could get one for just over $7 delivered. This was reasonable, and certainly cheap enough to try, so I proceeded to buy it, and in due course, last week – it arrived.

USB Charging Connector Flex Cable

I had earlier removed the battery from the Nexus 7. It is stuck on, with double sided tape in two places – I used an old phone card, one of those cheap calling cards, which is thinner than a credit card, and use it to raise the battery up, and pushed the card in to break the adhesive bond. Doing it in this manner, allows the battery to come out without bending or otherwise damaging it – which could cause undesirable results, like explosions or burning or such like. Lithium batteries should never be punctured and if found to be bulging, should not be used.

Last night, I decided it was time to replace this cable, time to see if I could “Repair.IT“. Inside the Nexus 7, the speakers are first removed, three screws hold it in – two black and one silver one. The speakers can stay connected, just moved out of the way. Next the multi-conductor flex cable was unlatched, by raising a black tab – then removed five screws, two of them very small. This cable was now able to be removed, and the new one installed in much the same manner as the removal.

I connected the battery again, then put the tablet on charge using a 2A USB charger. After a short time, I was able to see that the battery was charging. A few minutes later, it was showing that it would fully charge in 30 minutes. The battery had earlier been retested and had about 80% capacity. As it was close to midnight, I decided to let it charge and I would check it in the morning.

This morning, I was happy to see that the battery was showing full charge at 100%. Using the Battery Monitor Widget, an app I had installed previously, I could see that the charging rate in the graphics was very good and had gone to full charge and stayed there. Before, it used to charge very very slowly and if it ever got to full charge, it would drop afterwards even with the charger connected. This new behaviour is definitely an improvement and is more like what it should be doing. Time will tell if this is now fixed, but it does appear to be fixed. I will use the tablet throughout the day and charge it each night and if it continues to charge – then I will be confident of saying that this Nexus 7 slow and intermittent charging problem has been resolved.


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