Reassemble.IT – Meade 6x30mm Finder Scope – again!

After I posted the earlier article about this finder scope, I had a thought that perhaps I should check the focal point to make sure that the crosshair reticle is in the right place. The finder scope works as it is, so the lens arrangement is correct. It turns out that I was wrong yesterday – the order from left to right is as follows:  The end piece, then the crosshair reticle followed by the big spacer, then the lens arrangement as per yesterday.


When I assembled it this way, I could look through the eyepiece and see where the original crosshairs had been broken and curled up against the sides of the reticle.  Sure enough under a 10x jeweller’s loupe, I could just see the broken hairs.  Anyway, it doesn’t make any difference to the focusing of the finder scope as the lens arrangement dictates this, but it now means that when I do find something thin enough, I can fix the crosshair reticle.  So, now again, I have “reassembled.IT” properly this time.


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