RPi2.IT – This just in, the Raspberry Pi 2 is camera shy!

I was reading recently about a minor bug found with the Raspberry Pi 2, however this one seems to be sort of, unexpected, but expected in a way.  Apparently a bright flash such as from xenon camera flash could trigger the Raspberry Pi 2 to shutdown, or at least go a little haywire, hence I thought that I should check it out.

I used my Sony a300 camera in portrait mode and took a closeup photo.  I had the Raspberry Pi 2 connected to a monitor so I could see if something happened.  I took a couple of photos with flash and sure enough the display went out for a second or two then came back on.  After examining the photos, I noticed that the Raspberry writing was upside down, so repositioned the Raspberry Pi 2 so that the writing was right side up, then took another photo – this time, the display went out and didn’t come back.


It appears from research that the problem is due to a CSP device that is sensitive to light. If you have a look at the word “HDMI”, then to the left of it about the same distance as the word, there is a black chip – a Chip Scale Package, actually.  A CSP does not have a plastic case around it and is essentially a silicon chip with solder balls on the bottom.

From this application note – http://www.silabs.com/Support%20Documents/TechnicalDocs/AN0878.pdf – we find that the fix would be to cover it with Glob-Top Epoxy.  Alternatively I could just put the Raspberry Pi 2 into an opaque case, but that takes all the fun out of playing around with it!


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